What is your training philosophy?

I want our kids to love track, compete hard, and have fun. We are a "speed-driven" team. We will make sprinters faster. We will make distance runners faster.

How often do you train?

We practice 3 days a week. Sprinter practice is 45 minutes max. Distance practice is an hour. We look for ways to make each practice fun and challenging. Our goal is to make practices an activity the kids want to do rather something they are forced to endure.


Who organizes the meets?

Meets are organized by track clubs registered with the Michigan chapter of the Amatuer Athletics Union.

How long are the meets?

Frankly, AAU meets are a day-long affair. AAU meets include events that have runners from ages 8-17 participating. We will try to do our best to estimate when our kids will be running to minimize waiting time.

How much does it cost to register for meets?

Meets are normally between $10 - $25.